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Episode 18: Intervention by [Fanfic] 2022-07-03
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
General Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Da Qing & Shen Wei (Guardian), Da Qing (Guardian), Shen Wei (Guardian)
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| Canon Compliant, Negotiations, Friendship, Domestic

Da Qing has a bone to pick with Shen Wei.

Part 4 of Cat Codas
Words: 1,178 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 1 | Kudos: 12 | Hits: 19
Modern Times by [Fanfic] 2022-07-03
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
Explicit, No Archive Warnings Apply
Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Shen Wei (Guardian), Zhao Yunlan, Da Qing (Guardian), Lin Jing (Guardian), Ye Zun (Guardian)
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| Alternate Universe - Time Travel, Time Travel, A lot of Time Travel, Time machine, First Meetings, Getting Together, Getting to Know Each Other, Plot, Government Conspiracy, Not Canon Compliant, Alternate Universe - Canon, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Character Death, but it's an alternate timeline version of someone, Discussions of a mass loss of life incident, messy timelines, Non-linear relationship progression, Explicit Sexual Content, Worldbuilding, Haixing is an alien planet after all, Minor Character Death

Zhao Yunlan gets a job offer he's a bit too curious to say no to, even if he never really planned on working for the government. Mostly because he never saw why the government would want a mostly useless historian. He didn't expect his new job to involve quite so much actual time travel.

Words: 137,256 | Chapters: 8/9 | Comments: 38 | Kudos: 42 | Bookmarks: 8 | Hits: 587
on the edge, unseeing by [Fanfic] 2022-07-03
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018), 镇魂 | Guardian (TV)
Teen And Up Audiences, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Chu Shuzhi/Guo Changcheng, Chu Shuzhi, Guo Changcheng, Zhao Yunlan, Zhu Hong (Guardian), Wang Zheng (Guardian)
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| Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Alternate Universe - Bodyguard, show verse, Chu Shuzhi POV, Angst, Humor

“My soulmate died,” Guo Changcheng says softly. “That’s what they say, at least. What the burn mark means.” He looks up in quiet despair. “It’s true, isn’t it?”

Chu Shuzhi feels his own scarred mark flare up, like it’s burning all over again. A scorching reminder of what he’s done and what he’s lost.

“Yes,” he says hoarsely. “It’s true.”

After Vice Minister Guo receives a death threat, Chu Shuzhi is called upon to protect his nephew and keep him safe. Except Guo Changcheng seems determined to make his job a difficult one.
Words: 32,184 | Chapters: 14/15 | Comments: 134 | Kudos: 147 | Bookmarks: 15 | Hits: 2,105
September Song by [Fanfic] 2022-07-02
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
Teen And Up Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Chu Shuzhi/Guo Changcheng, Guo Changcheng, Chu Shuzhi
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| Canon Compliant For The End, Established Relationship, The Sads, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Nightmares About Ye Zun, POV Multiple, Slice of Life

“I think they’re doing okay.” Guo Changcheng spoke as he and Chu Shuzhi stepped outside and away from the noise and busyness of the SID bullpen.

Chu Shuzhi gave a vague sort of grunt. “They could be better.”

Guo Changcheng grinned, “Well, sure, but they’re still learning, and none of them fainted, right? That’s something.”

Which earned another noise from Chu Shuzhi, but Guo Changcheng could see one side of the other man’s mouth twitching upward.

Words: 2,351 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 1 | Kudos: 7 | Hits: 17
His flame is strong by [Fanfic] 2022-07-02
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
Not Rated, Major Character Death
The Hallows - Character, Shen Wei (Guardian), Zhao Yunlan
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| pov the Guardian Lantern, Canon Compliant, Stream of Consciousness, or rather stream of insanity, Background Shěn Wēi/Zhào Yúnlán - Freeform, one-sided Hallows/Shen Wei, Major character death - Freeform, Post-Canon, sort of fix-it?, Parasitic Hallows
Words: 2,335 | Chapters: 3/3 | Kudos: 4 | Hits: 12
[podfic] Not All Those Who Wander by [Podfic] 2022-07-02
镇魂 | Guardian (TV), 镇魂 | Guardian - priest
Teen And Up Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Kunlun/Shen Wei (Guardian), Kunlun (Guardian), Zhao Yunlan, Shen Wei (Guardian), Da Qing (Guardian)
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| canon AU, Drama, Angst, epic fantasy, or else scifi?, Old Haixing Era, Post-Apocalypse, Show-Book Fusion, Fix-It of Sorts, Podfic, Podfic Length: 2.5-3 Hours

The god Kunlun is as old as the mountain range that bears his name, if not older. Or so the villagers say. He was here before any people were, as eternal as the mountains — moreso, in truth. The mountains might change, but Kunlun remains Kunlun.

Podfic of Not All Those Who Wander by Xparrot.
Words: 39 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 2 | Kudos: 6 | Hits: 43
Episode 17: Wisdom of Your Elders by [Fanfic] 2022-07-02
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
General Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Da Qing & Zhao Yunlan, Zhao Yunlan, Da Qing (Guardian)
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| Comfort, cats are experts in the way of relaxation, Cat Tribe Best Tribe (Guardian), cat proverbs

"I, your wise and unbelievably handsome elder, want to impart a very simple and infinitely useful bit of knowledge.”

“I’m waiting,” Zhao Yunlan said dryly.

Words: 895 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 2 | Kudos: 5 | Hits: 18
unmoored by [Fanfic] 2022-07-02
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
Mature, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Minor Chǔ Shùzhī/Guō Chángchéng - Relationship, Shen Wei (Guardian), Zhao Yunlan, Zhang Shi (Guardian), Zhu Hong (Guardian), Lin Jing (Guardian), Da Qing (Guardian), Wang Zheng (Guardian), Sang Zan (Guardian), Guo Changcheng, Chu Shuzhi, Zhao Xinci | Zhao Yunlan's Father, Chu Nianzhi
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| Post-Canon Fix-It, handwavy haixing/dixing logic, we don't need to worry about that, what we need to worry about is that this damned story broke me, and i am going through it, so the crew is gonna go through it as well, and stumble their way into a happy ending, Canonical Character Death, temporarily!, no beta we die like Ye Zun, the opposite of handwavy, hands with a white-knuckled death grip on the details, using prompt fills as an excuse for therapeutic writing, i will make canon and all the censored behavior, make sense and give it the satisfying conclusion i think it needs, if it's the last, effing, thing i do

Prompt fills for Guardian Bingo

Zhao Yunlan is gone, Shen Wei is gone, the portals seem to be closed forever, and the surviving SID are coping, over a year and a half later when the phone starts ringing

Words: 19,703 | Chapters: 8/12 | Comments: 21 | Kudos: 27 | Hits: 334
Touch The Sky by [Fanfic] 2022-07-02
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018), 镇魂 | Guardian - priest
Mature, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Shen Wei (Guardian), Zhao Yunlan, Da Qing (Guardian), Zhu Hong (Guardian), Lin Jing (Guardian), Chu Shuzhi, Guo Changcheng, Original Characters, Minor Characters, Wang Zheng (Guardian), Sang Zan (Guardian)
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| Alternate Universe - Royalty, Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Magic, Zhao Xinci's A+ Parenting, Friendship, Getting Together, Developing Relationship, Established Relationship, Slow Burn, Romance, Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, slightly graphic violence, Dragon Shen Wei (Guardian), prince Zhao Yunlan

Zhao Yunlan is the prince of Haixing. Though his father is kind of a douchebag, he also has great friends, a comfortable life and the people of the kingdom who love him with all their heart. And though he likes taking long rides in the forest, he - of course - never met a dragon before. Nobody has for a long time now. People don’t even really believe in them anymore, they only exist in fairy tales and in the imagination of little kids. Or so thought Zhao Yunlan. But meeting a mysterious man with a black cloak turns everything upside down.

Words: 100,075 | Chapters: 14/17 | Comments: 55 | Kudos: 85 | Bookmarks: 12 | Hits: 1,645
BL Prompts by [Fanfic] 2022-07-02
บังเอิญรัก | Love by Chance (TV), เพราะเราคู่กัน | 2gether: The Series (TV), ด้ายแดงซีรีส์ | Until We Meet Again The Series (TV), HIStory3: 那一天 | HIStory3: Make Our Days Count, TharnType the Series (TV), เพราะรักใช่ป่าว | Why R U?: The Series (TV), เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน | 2 Moons The Series (TV), Water Boyy: The Series (TV), พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง | SOTUS: The Series (TV), HIStory3 - 圈套 | HIStory3: Trapped, อกหักมารักกับผม | Together With Me: The Series (TV), จูบให้ได้ถ้านายแน่จริง เร็วๆนี้ | Kiss Me Again: The Series (TV), 陈情令 | The Untamed (TV), My Engineer (TV), พี่ชาย | My Bromance (2014), Takumi-kun Series, 怒り | Ikari | Rage (2016), เขามาเชงเม้งข้างๆหลุมผมครับ | He's Coming to Me (TV), ทฤษฎีจีบเธอ | Theory of Love (TV), โลกออนร้าย | The Effect (TV 2019), Gameboys (Web Series 2020), นักเรียนพลังกิฟต์ | The Gifted (Thailand TV 2018), HIStory2 - 越界 | HIStory2: Crossing the Line (TV), รักไม่ระบุสถานะ | Dark Blue Kiss (TV), Great Men Academy สุภาพบุรุษสุดที่เลิฟ (TV), รักออกเดิน | Make It Right: The Series (TV), 镇魂 | Guardian - priest, 微微一笑很倾城 | Love O2O (TV), เอาให้ชัด | Friend Zone (TV 2018), ดั่งลมหายใจ | Oxygen: The Series (TV), HIStory2 - 是非 | HIStory2: Right or Wrong (TV), 30歳まで童貞だと魔法使いになれるらしい | Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (TV), My Dear Loser: Edge of 17 (TV), 하자있는 인간들 | Love With Flaws (TV), Aozora no Tamago, พฤติการณ์ที่ตาย | Manner of Death (TV), My Day the Series (Philippines TV), วัยรุ่นวุ่นYรัก | Gen Y: The Series (TV 2020), เกียร์สีขาวกับกาวน์สีฝุ่น | My Gear And Your Gown (TV), รักวุ่นๆ ของหนุ่มวิศวะ - วิศวะมีเกียร์น่ะเมียหมอ | En Of Love: Tossara (TV), ตายไม่ตาย | He She It (Web Series), นิทานพันดาว | A Tale of Thousand Stars (TV), นับสิบจะจูบ | Lovely Writer the Series (TV), ปลาบนฟ้า | Fish Upon The Sky (TV), 恨君不似江楼月 | Killer and Healer (TV), おっさんずラブ | Ossan's Love (TV 2016), Life 線上の僕ら | Life Senjou no Bokura (TV), 天官赐福 | Heaven Official's Blessing (Cartoon), ポルノグラファー: インディゴの気分 | Pornographer: Indigo no Kibun | Mood Indigo (TV 2019), His (Japanese Movie), หรือนี่คือพรหมลิขิต | Y-Destiny: the Series (TV), S.C.I.谜案集 | S.C.I. Mystery (TV), HIStory4 - 近距離愛上你 | HIStory4: Close to You (TV), 새빛남고 학생회 | Light On Me (TV), เมื่อหัวใจใกล้กัน | Don't Say No: The Series (TV), ส่วนผสมที่ลงตัว | Ingredients (Thailand TV 2020)
Explicit, No Archive Warnings Apply
More Tags
| Fluff, Protectiveness, Bullying, mild mentions of homophobia, Kissing, Happy Ending, Running Away, Domestic Fluff, Explicit Sexual Content, Top Fighter, First Dates, Awkwardness, The Pocky Game, Making Out, Possessive Behavior, Nipple Play, Smart Can!, Getting Together, Insecurity, Sickfic, Self-Harm, Implied/Referenced Self-Harm, Power Bottom, Slut Pete, Lingerie, Nightmares, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Badass, Gun Violence, Reunion Sex, Fix-It of Sorts, Moving In Together, BAMF Pete, Violence, Manhandling, Rough Sex, Cockblocking, Misunderstandings, Jealousy, Crossover, fear of dogs, Thunderstorms, Marking, Homophobia, Implied/Referenced Suicide, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, First Time, Shovel Talk, Public Display of Affection, Bottom Fighter, Top Tutor, Sex Toys, Panic Attacks, Eating Disorders, Body Image, Dom/sub, Collars, Marriage Proposal, Hanahaki Disease, Spies & Secret Agents, POV Third Person, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Riding, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Childhood Trauma, Twins Pete (Love by Chance) and Tutor (Why R U?: The Series), Bottom Tharn, Bottom Sarawat Guntithanon, Adoption, Character Death, Rimming, Asexuality, Mirror Sex, Drunk Sex, Mpreg, Meeting the Parents, Breathplay, Pet Play

Prompts are CLOSED

732 - Thanu/Wayu - Sick Wayu
733 - Paul/Pipu - Paul Chooses To Stay 15 AU
734 - Dean/Pharm - Chapter 144 Sequel
735 - Pat/Pran - Nude Calendar Shoot
736 - Tar Protection Squad (TW: Referenced & Attempted Sexual Assault)
737 - Adachi/Kurosawa - Hanahaki Disease
738 - Win/Team - Emotional Hurt/Comfort
739 - Shin Woo/Taekyung - Concert Proposal

Words: 576,103 | Chapters: 739/? | Comments: 6,051 | Kudos: 12,637 | Bookmarks: 505 | Hits: 640,828
The Shape of Introduction by [Fanfic] 2022-07-01
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
General Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Ye Zun & Zhao Yunlan, Shen Wei & Ye Zun (Guardian), Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Ye Zun (Guardian), Shen Wei (Guardian), Zhao Yunlan, Lin Jing (Guardian)
More Tags
| 5+1 Things, Cat!Ye Zun, Special Investigation Division | SID Ensemble as Family (Guardian), Dragon!Yè Zūn, alternate universe - tiny dragons, sibling relationships, Ye Zun is a brat

Yè Zūn decides to see if he can figure out what his twin sees in the SID.

Part 9 of Māo Dìdì
Words: 2,730 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 1 | Kudos: 25 | Hits: 111
Kitchen by [Fanfic] 2022-07-01
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
Teen And Up Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Shen Wei (Guardian), Zhao Yunlan
More Tags
| Alternate Universe, One Night Stands, but lbr shen wei just makes himself at home lmao, Cooking, Fluff, zhao yunlan's shameless horny thoughts

Zhao Yunlan sits up abruptly in bed, and hisses sharply at how it makes his sore body twinge. The noise from the kitchen pauses for the briefest of seconds before restarting, somehow more carefully deliberate than before. The smell isn’t his imagination. There is someone cooking real food in his kitchen, right now.

Or, Zhao Yunlan's one night stand makes himself at home.

Part 3 of Guardian Bingo
Words: 1,025 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 12 | Kudos: 55 | Bookmarks: 6 | Hits: 211
Fading echoes by [Fanfic] 2022-06-30
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
Teen And Up Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Shen Wei & Ye Zun (Guardian), Ye Zun (Guardian), Shen Wei (Guardian), Rebel Chieftain (Guardian)
More Tags
| Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, (it's blink and you'll miss it but it is there), Abuse of a Minor, Mind Control, Mind Manipulation, Slavery, canon-typical devouring, Angst, Hurt No Comfort, Twin Bond, Ye Olde Haixing Era, Ye Zun Deserved Better, but this is not the story where he gets it

When he comes to, the man is still there – but Gege isn't.

Or, Ye Zun, from the cliff to the fall.

Words: 2,925 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 5 | Kudos: 14 | Bookmarks: 2 | Hits: 52
Clockworks and Cold Steel by for The_Marron [Fanfic] 2022-06-30
叛逆者 | The Rebel (TV 2021), 骗爱天团 | The Fraud Love Group (2016), 镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
Mature, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Lin Nansheng/Yang Xiuxian, minor Lin Nansheng/Zhu Yizhen, implied Yang Xiuxian/others, Lin Nansheng, Yang Xiuxian, Zhu Yizhen, Lan Xinjie, Chen Moqun, Wang Shi’an, 叛逆者|The Rebel (TV) Ensemble Cast
More Tags
| Bai Yu/Zhu Yilong Character Combinations, Homme Fatale!Yang Xiuxian, Crossover, Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe – 叛逆者|The Rebel (TV) Fusion, 1930s-40s Shanghai, Historical References, Spies, Not Actually Unrequited Love, gratuitous flirting, Homoerotic Mind-Games, Romance, fade-to-black, Tension, Intrigue, Politics, Philosophy, Character Development, Slow Burn, Angst

The story of an agent and an artist in a chaotic time. No matter how much they want to distrust each other, circumstances force them to cooperate. No matter how much they want to trust each other, circumstances force them apart. It all really comes down to being able to see through the deception these two men fill their entire lives with.

Lin Nansheng dislikes and distrusts Yang Xiuxian from their very first meeting, only very shortly after Chen Moqun brings him to Shanghai. Chen Moqun describes him as the most talented forger in this entire city, a note of pride in an otherwise matter-of-fact tone.

“I’m an artist, Lao-Chen,” Yang Xiuxian complains. “That sort of thing is far behind me.”

Yang Xiuxian’s greatest charm, in Lin Nansheng’s eyes, had been those brief moments where he didn’t seem like he wanted anything. A brief moment of clumsiness and joy which had seemed momentarily endearing. Of course, that feeling had dissipated once the sleaziness had reappeared.

That is what "Xu Liwen" must be, Lin Nansheng decides. That clumsiness, that joy, that excitement to show something of oneself to another person… That is the most seemingly truthful. And because it is truthful, it will be charming.

Words: 5,164 | Chapters: 2/? | Comments: 11 | Kudos: 6 | Bookmarks: 1 | Hits: 55
Inference and Inquiry by [Fanfic] 2022-06-30
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
Teen And Up Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Dà Qìng & Shěn Wēi
More Tags
| Ye Olde Haixing Era, Shen Wei and Da Qing investigate Kunlun, The logic of time travel, First time (for one of them), Fade to Black, Cat Tribe Best Tribe

Shen Wei removes his mask. The soft brush of air against his cheeks still feels unnatural, but he hopes the gesture will signal this is an unofficial exchange, between friends. “Da Qing, it’s not that I don’t trust him. He’s a great man. But something strange is going on.”

Words: 2,944 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 14 | Kudos: 68 | Bookmarks: 7 | Hits: 177
Episode 16: Can't Get Fat With One Mouthful by [Fanfic] 2022-06-30
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
General Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Da Qing (Guardian)
More Tags
| Just Add Kittens, Canon Compliant, Coda, Episode 16 Related

Talking to the kittens in the park, Da Qing comes to a decision. Whatever he may remember, he's still a cat.

Part 3 of Cat Codas
Words: 445 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 6 | Kudos: 14 | Hits: 40
Episode 15: The Best Investigator in Dragon City by [Fanfic] 2022-06-29
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
Teen And Up Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Da Qing & Lin Jing & Zhu Hong, Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Da Qing (Guardian)
More Tags
| Canon Compliant, Cat Tribe Best Tribe (Guardian), Secret Identity, Humor

Lin Jing wisely plays along. "O Great Cat," the computer geek wails dramatically. "Not the Lao Zhao gossip! We are your humble servants, and your tales bring the light to our miserable lives."

"That's more like it," Da Qing sniffs then grins. "So, wanna know what I saw yesterday?"

Words: 765 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 11 | Kudos: 28 | Bookmarks: 2 | Hits: 122
To Catch A Dragon by [Fanfic] 2022-06-29
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
General Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Shen Wei & Ye Zun (Guardian), Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Shěn Wēi, Yè Zūn, Zhao Yunlan
More Tags
| Deviates From Canon, Post-Canon, Everyone Is Alive, Family Feels, Shen Wei's Adventures With Technology, claw machine, Claw Machines Are Rigged, And Expensive!, Handwavy None Of The Bad Stuff Ever Happened

Shen Wei endures a great ordeal to get Ye Zun a plush dragon.

Words: 1,500 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 5 | Kudos: 36 | Bookmarks: 5 | Hits: 137
Alias by [Fanfic] 2022-06-29
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
General Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Shen Wei (Guardian), Zhao Yunlan
More Tags
| Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, i tried to worldbuild but then i gave up so this is just some soulmate au nonsense, thank u for understanding, Ye Olde Haixing Era, Identity Porn, mildly

Shen Wei, from the mountains. Perfectly serviceable for the lost child that had appeared before the Alliance soldiers, determined to find his brother. The Black-Cloaked Envoy. Even more appropriate for the dark, mythic figure, the Alliance’s awe and fear in equal measure.

He’d wondered idly sometimes, which one would appear on his soulmate. Shen Wei? Or Hei Pao Shi?

And then of course, Kunlun dropped into his life.

Part 2 of Guardian Bingo
Words: 1,116 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 8 | Kudos: 54 | Bookmarks: 4 | Hits: 175
The Secret Life Of SID by [Fanfic] 2022-06-29
镇魂 | Guardian (TV 2018)
Teen And Up Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Da Qing (Guardian), Shen Wei (Guardian), Zhao Yunlan, Special Investigation Division | SID Ensemble (Guardian)
More Tags
| Crack, Humor, mockumentary

The mating rituals and other idiocracies of SID


'Suits' prompt for the Guardian Bingo

Words: 1,458 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 13 | Kudos: 39 | Bookmarks: 3 | Hits: 133