This archive aims to be a searchable directory listing of all English-language fanworks for the 镇魂 Guardian fandom (TV, Novel, RPF). Currently, the AO3 Guardian tags are filled with mislabelled Chinese fanfics far out-numbering the English fanfics, making it difficult to find the English fanfics. In the absence of our ability to report/change these erroneous listings on AO3, I've decided to create this website to be an automated directory of English AO3 fanworks that is smart enough to filter out the fanfics with incorrect language settings.

This archive updates once every 24 hours, adding new fanfics and updating existing fanfics' stats.


This site runs on the Fomantic-UI CSS framework + JQuery.

All coding and server maintenance is done by qikiqtarjuaq, who should be the point of contact for any issues/questions/feedback!

A million thanks to naye for her English Guardian fic spreadsheet, which significantly sped up the initial filtering process, as well as her help testing this website.