Contact Information

Listed below are the main methods to get in touch with me to report any bugs or suggest new features!

Note: The following types of errors will not be fixed
  • Display issues exclusive to Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge
  • Tag wrangling issues (e.g. The "Wei Shen" tag being linked to the character from Sleepless Dogs instead of "Shen Wei")
  • Subjective tagging issues (e.g. Whether the Novel or TV tag is more appropriate to a fic)

Via Github (Technical Site Issues)

If you have an existing Github account, or are willing to creating a new one, the most direct way to report an issue or request a feature is to use the Github Issue Tracker. This should be used for technical errors - for example, display issues in different browsers, exceptions or errors on the site, etc. Basically, problems with the site itself rather than problems with the data.

Via Tumblr (All Issues)

For tumblr users, bug reports of all types (both technical site issues as well as issues with the data) can be reported to the archiveofdixing tumblr.

If your bug report is short/simple, you can directly drop an Ask on tumblr. Anonymous asks are disabled because resolving bugs/errors often requires follow-up/clarifications.

For a bug report that is more involved requiring screenshots/additional information, you can directly Submit A Post instead.

All Asks/Submissions will be kept private.

Via Twitter (All Issues)

The archiveofdixing twitter accepts DMs from all accounts, where you can submit your report. I'll do my best to keep track of @mentions, but the only way to guarantee your message is seen is to send a DM!

Via Dreamwidth (All Issues)

You can also submit your error reports via PM on my personal journal qikiqtarjuaq @ dreamwidth.

Via Discord (All Issues)

Lastly, you can contact me on Discord at: Qik#1337

All members of the Guardian Discord (invite code: bMdK5DF) should be able to DM me without needing to add me as a friend (I'm also a member of the NiF and MDZS Discords). If you find that you are blocked from contacting me and don't share any discords with me, go ahead and send a friend request.