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this secret language that we speak by [Fanfic] 2018-08-25
镇魂 | Guardian (TV), 镇魂 | Guardian (novel)
Explicit, No Archive Warnings Apply
Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Shěn Wēi, Zhao Yunlan
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| Dom/sub, Praise Kink, Obedience Kink, NSFW, Biting, BDSM, Enthusiastic Consent, Orgasm Delay/Denial, AGGRESSIVELY NOT TWIN SAFE, sorry chinese fandom

"If you don't want to do this any more," says Shen Wei, "you get off the couch, and we'll do whatever you want. Do you understand?"

Zhao Yunlan is so hot he thinks he's going to light the couch on fire. He swallows and nods.

"I didn't hear you," says Shen Wei, implacable as death. "Do you understand?"

Zhao Yunlan has to clear his throat, and when he manages to speak, his voice is gravelled with arousal. "Yeah. I do."

"Good," says Shen Wei.

Part 3 of guardian, Part 3 of TRASH GARBAGE FIRES
Words: 4,276 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 46 | Kudos: 1,047 | Bookmarks: 107 | Hits: 11,003
Meow? by [Fanfic] 2018-08-23
镇魂 | Guardian - priest
Explicit, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan


Words: 1,318 | Chapters: 1/1 | Kudos: 26 | Hits: 473
The Tale by for nerjaveika, shaenanigans [Fanfic] 2018-08-01
镇魂 | Guardian (TV), Guardian BL Novel
Not Rated, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Zhao Yun Lan, Guanyin, Kūn Lún
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| Mythology References, an old tale under the starred sky

Listen carefully, little one.

Is a dangerous thing, the love of a monster.

Part 1 of Dangerous Thing
Words: 799 | Chapters: 1/1 | Comments: 7 | Kudos: 40 | Bookmarks: 5 | Hits: 467