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Recovering by [Fanfic] 2018-11-21
新边城浪子 | Border-Town Prodigal (TV), 霍去病 | The Fated General (TV)
Mature, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Bo Li/Fu Hong Xue, Fu Hong Xue/Bo Li, Fu Hong Xue, 傅红雪, Bó Lì
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| Hurt/Comfort, Crying During Sex, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Some Plot, Bai Yu/Zhu Yilong Character Combinations

Fu Hong Xue's marriage with Ma Fanglin didn't work out. He couldn't live the quiet life after revenge was his only reason for existence. He thought he could lie back and relax but he was wrong. As fate has it, after going away looking for death he is brought to Bo Li who takes it upon himself to bring him back to health and teach him how to let himself free. Of course, this happens on a more...personal level too. Bo Li finds the stoic Fu Hong Xue a little too attractive...

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