Guardian 镇魂: Name Pronunciations

By: qikiqtarjuaq
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These are a collection of recordings where I pronounce the names of the major characters in the show, as well as demonstrating a few examples of mixing Chinese and English in narration. This was primarily created as a resource for potential podficcers, but anyone curious to practice is welcome to listen as well! If you have any questions or clarifications, I can be found on twitter, tumblr or discord (Qik#1337). And I am also happy to set up a time to do a voice chat if you're keen on getting some feedback from me.

Disclaimer: While I am conversationally fluent in Mandarin, I do spend most of my time speaking in dialect (Wuhan) at home. So my pronunciation is good enough for normal conversations with any Mandarin speaker, but it's not up to the "news anchor" or "actor who doesn't need to get dubbed in a c-drama" standards.


Shen Wei 沈巍

Sample Narration: Shen Wei

Zhao Yunlan 赵云澜

Sample Narration: Zhao Yunlan

Da Qing 大庆

Sample Narration: Da Qing

Zhu Hong 祝红

Sample Narration: Zhu Hong

Guo Changcheng 郭长城 Chu Shuzhi 楚恕之 Lin Jing 林静 Wang Zhang 汪徵 Sang Zan Lao Li

The Antagonists

Ye Zun 夜尊 Zhu Jiu 烛九 Wang Xiangyang 王向阳

Supporting Cast

I didn't do every character in the supporting cast due to time constraints, but if you have a specific request, you can DM me on twitter, tumblr or discord!


Zhu Yilong 朱一龙 Bai Yu 白宇


If you're curious about my (Wuhan) dialect, I recorded the same phrase in Mandarin, followed by the Wuhan dialect version here.

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